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Nov. 5th, 2008

Title: Bad timing.
Author: me
Pairing: Joey Cape/Chris Shiflett
Fandom/Band: Lagwagon/Foo Fighters
Rating: G
Warnings: none, there're not even swear words in it!
Summary: too short for one, I think you call that stuff a drabble. It's kinda sad.

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Title: Another Round
Author: me
Pairing: Chris Shiflett/Joey Cape
Fandom: Foos/Lagwagon
Summary/Notes: Their relationship is fucked up. I think it's not all good but it has some good parts. Feel free to point out the bad parts and the mistakes I made. Enjoy. And my title is really un-creative.

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Number two.

Title: Not A Dull Moment
Author: me
Fandom: I honestely don't know. Pick who you like and think would fit. There are no names in it, but I had a pairing or better a person in my mind but it really doesn't matter.
Warning: kinda sad and melancholic
Summary: someone misses times long past. Inspired by 'Not A Dull Moment' by Bad Astronaut just in case you couldn't figure that out for yourself ;)
Note: my pairing was this but I recommend you read it first without seeing the pic and look at it afterwards.

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Nov. 4th, 2008

So one for the start, the most recent one I've written.

Title: Lonely Nights
Author: me
Pairing: some very mild Joey/Flip and Dave/Jesse
warnings: nope
summary: lonely nights on tour, nothing naughty, sorry to let you down
pictures: whole band + names Joey Joey Dave Flip Jesse

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Lagwagon slash

soooo, if want to or not, you get (more or less) slashy Lagwagon videos tonight. And since I looooove Joey Cape (see icon) I'm very happy to spread some Caper-love.

1. A short interview with a very beardy Joey Cape (the singer) and Chris Flippin (the Guitarist), where Joey states that they are a couple. Please pay attention to their height, it's quite amusing.

2. An interview with the whole band, they introduce themselves so I don't have to do that. Joey gets a call from his wife during the interview, He always gets called in the middle of interviews. and now he has the gayest cellphone ever. it's a pink iphone. XD
the slashy part is at the end when Dave and Jesse declare their love for each other. =)

3. is the bonus clip on the Live in a Dive CD. It has a live version of Mr.Coffee and some interview sequences. It's pretty funny =)
Fat Mike and his fancy toilette is in there too, the band in the sauna, in the gym, in the bed, all of them toghether in one bed (!!), Jesse doing something eww.

4. Joey sitting on the knee of Flip while playing the beginning of Alien 8. Mustache talk and a kiss. This is so sweet! =)

So please, watch at least ONE of the videos!! Pleeeeeeaaaasee!!!
Love ya! :-*

If anyone is interested in the pink cellphone or the act of shaving the 'stache, scream!

24 Hours Of Foo

Since I was stoked on finding that link (on the Foo Fighters Postboard) I finally want to share it.
I forgot to post it til now. Sorry
Here it is. You HAVE to download/see #4, 17, 41, 52, 55 and 56!


Have fun!

Fanfiction: The Scratch

Title: The Scratch
Author: finy 
Pairing: Chris Shiflett/Joey Cape
Foo Fighters / Lagwagon or Me First & the Gimme Gimmes but more like Lost Kittenz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Set in the late 80s, probably around '88 , '89 I think, the beginning is set later though. It's basically the story of how a certain scratch got in that certain KISS record of Chris's. And it's a naughty story!
A/N: I wish I could draw. I'd draw this whole thing up if I could 'cause I have all these wonderful images in my head... what a shame.

("'You do realise it's kinda cheesy teen-movie style, don't you?'")

answer to challenge

After spending hours and hours on the net in search for some sex faces, I finally made it.

Now here it is

NoFX: Backstage Passport

Ok, so before posting my answer-thing for Pfundtie's challenge, I have some videos for you.
I hope you haven't seen them before. I found them on YouTube last night by pure coincidence and I was laughing my ass off.
It's a TV Show on Fuse that air in April I think and it's about NoFX touring in weird countries where not many if any US bands ever played.

Be sure to witness some crazy shit.
This is Part 1.1 of 8 episodes. Enjoy!

Major video-post ahead ----->Collapse )


See the rest of this mayhem on YouTube

Fanfiction: Behind Closed Doors

Title: Behind Closed Doors
Author: me finy
Chris/Nate, possible future Dave/Tay
Fandom/Band: Foo Fighters
Rating: PG-13 probably
Warnings: voyeurism, mentions of sex, oral and hand made
Summary: Some doors are better left close

"There is always a reason for a closed door backstage..."
(fake cut to my journal)

Please be nice with me, it's my first one.