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Slashtacular Circus

Band Slash where it counts

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Obscure Slash
The Slashtacular Circus is a haven for those of us who still want filthy stories but don't want to have to go to the usual outlets for them.
Here we encoourage the use of obscure bands, pairings, television shows, movies etc. in our slash so as to up the diversity in the fics that are lurking about.

We don't have many rules just try not to post fics that are EVERYWHERE, ie. Panic[!] at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and such unless you have been shunned by the regular communities for your use of strange pairings.
What we AREN'T looking for here even if it is under one of the interests is the most common pairings even in an obscure area ie. Led Zeppelin Slash (Jimmy/Robert)
It just gets boring.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing written on here is intended to defame or slanderise the people involved. It is all fake and/or speculation and any slashiness we find in pictures or videos is simply part of our obvious defects as human beings. Everything is fake and anything real is not exactly kosher around here, if you do happen to find evidence, say, in the form of a Paul Mac/Nathan Hudson sex tape, send it directly to me (pfundtie).

WARNINGS: M/preg (Male Pregnancy) is pretty much frowned upon here unless it is handled correctly. Same goes for Het, Femslash, any of that gothy emo bloodplay crap (actually, you can just forget about even putting that shit here, it's access is denied). If you have any doubts about a story just ask a moderator.

If you have any suggestions for interests so others can find us or questions or banners etc. Just PM any of the moderators

Peace Out, biatch