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Mustang 1

Chapter: 1
Rating: PG
Pairings: none rly but I suppose Kurt/Krist
Word Count: 1,134
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I don't own these freaks of the week.
Summary: Kurt get's a new guitar

Chapter 1

How About it 2

Chapter: 2/2
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Dave Grohl/Eddie Vedder, Krist Novoselic/Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell/Eddie Vedder
Time Period: 1991
Word Count: 4,535
Warnings: gaynesss idek
Disclaimer: I don't own these freaks of the week.
Summary: Just read it.
Authors Notes: This is a collab fic I did with a good friend of mine

Part 2

How About it 1

Chapter: 1/2
Rating: PG-13 for swearings and some explicit content
Pairings: Dave Grohl/Eddie Vedder
Time Period: 1991
Word Count: 4,954
Warnings: gaynesss idek
Disclaimer: I don't own these freaks of the week.
Summary: Eddie and Dave hang out
Authors Notes: This is a collab fic I did with a good friend of mine

Part 1


Manic Street Preachers slash

This community seems a bit inactive, I thought I'd put my (new!) slash journal here:

Enjoy :)

Born Again

Title: Born Again: Stage I (Separation)
Author: bwenner
Band(s): The Birthday Party (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
Pairing(s): Nick/Blixa, Mick/Blixa, Mick/Rowland
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): TRIGGER WARNING: consent issues, graphic violence, sex, drug use, language.
Word Count: 8,238
Summary: Nick cannot accept Blixa's rejection of him and lures him away into a break in his being.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction with no basis in reality and no point of profit. I in no way endorse any of the behavior in this story, and would not wish any of the events described on anyone.
Author's Notes: I wanted to write a “real horror” story à la something out of Chuck Palahniuk's Haunted. Writing it through the Nixa fandom was an easy way to ensure it would be read by anyone and simultaneously feed my naughty rockstar infatuation, but otherwise it has no importance in the story. This is not meant to be erotic, and I certainly would hope it holds no reality for the people depicted. Hopefully my attempt ended with something more or less horrifying. I'm morbid but I mean no harm. This was only written as a test for myself to see if I could write something from start to finish with a uniform theme.
This reads just as well as a short story, but there are continuing chapters planned. It's just a matter of getting up the enthusiasm to write them out.

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Shameless self promotion...

***Hi, out there! Just a bit of shameless community whoring to anyone who likes to read/write Nirvana fanfiction and slash. Please come check it out, the com is members-only so you'll have to make a request to join :)

Please check it out? *makes puppy dog eyes*



Title: Bones
Pairing: Kurt Cobain/Dave Grohl (one day I'll do a different pairing I swear)
Bandom: Nirvana
Rating: What's the US equivalent of MA? (I'm too lazy to find out myself)
Warnings: swearing, drug references, references to dangerous behavior... I think... and a broken bone... yeah
Summary: This is what happens when you "Fuck the consequences."
Disclaimer: I don't own nothin' but my own dirty mind.



Hey I hope you Don't mind me posting here.

If anyone likes Nirvana/ Kurt Cobain fanfics, please join these two communities. We really would love for new Nirvana fanfics since no one writes Nirvana fanfics. So please Join.


Thanx for inviting me into the community! I've been reading for AGES and you're so awesome!!
(hugs and candy!!)

 It's that Goddamn smile of his, I'm telling you
Pairing: Kurt Cobain/Dave Grohl
Bandom: Nirvana
Rating: Um... R? (maybe? I don't get the US rating system)
Warnings: swearing, drug references, sex, mild violence, I guess.
Summary: Dave recounts his whirlwind relationship with Kurt
Disclaimer: I don't own Kurt or Dave or Courtney or Exodus... I don't own much, actually.

This is my first story ever, so PLEASE be gentle. (oh yeah, and it's long. REAL long)

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no fic yet

but I made some friends only banners and wanted to share.
It's some Chili Pepperish, something Lagwagon/Shiflett, Gimmes, Playing Favorites

yeah. go look at them. I think they turned out ok.

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